About Me

Hello lovely readers! So your curious about me huh? Well I would love to share with you about myself:)
  My name is Hannah J, I'm 15 years old and is OBSESSED with nail polish, nail art, and basically anything that has to do with nails! I'm from Honolulu, Hawaii and love it! I am white, full , but all I really know is is that I'm Italian, french, Scottish and some other stuff.
When did you get into nail polish?
I always painted my nails time to time but I really got into it around 7th grade. So 3 or 4 years ago.
Do you just paint your nails or do you do nail art?
I do both! I love nail art and am learning as I go but I can say that I never have naked nails unless I'm taking off one coat of polish and putting on another!
What's your favorite nail polish?
My favorite brand is China Glaze because it's on the cheaper side but it has a great formula, stays on long and the colors are pretty opaque. My favorite color right now would have to be Blue Iguana from China Glaze. But that could change in a day when I find another one I love.
What's your favorite nail art design to do?
I love doing flowers and lines with dots that decrease in size as they go. That's pretty much my specialty!
Do you bite your nails?
I use to and it's the worst habit you can ever get into! I stopped and any advice I can give you is get nail polish remover with "Bitrex" in it. It makes it taste even nastier on your fingers and the taste stays there. Also, always have polish on. It will motivate you to want your nails to stay pretty and if you bite them they will get ruined.

If you guys have any other questions please email me and I would love to hear from you!
Love Always,
Hannah J