Friday, July 22, 2011

More awards!

Hey Ladies! I feel so loved! This is my second award given to me this week! The Sunshine award was given to me by Paint That Nail. She did the lovely hand painted flowers you should check out:) Now on the the rules!
  Thank the person who gave you this award
  Write a post about it
  Answer to the questions below
  Pass it on to 10 bloggers who you think really deserve it and send them message to let them know

Favorite color: Yellow!
Favorite Animal: Chinchilla
Favorite number: 739, random but you don't hear people using that one often!
What perfume am I using right now?: Victoria Secret Vanilla (I'm famous for it!)
Something you always wear with you and identifies you: My perfume and feather earings!
What’s your passion? : Playing guitar, Painting my nails and Baking.
Getting or giving presents?:  I'm going to be honest, I usually get them, BUT I also do give presents! Like for birthdays, Christmas, ECT.
What was the last eyeshadow you used?: Don't wear it. Believe it or not:)
Favorite day of the week: Saturday!
Are your nails painted right now?: DUH! I'm wearing China Glaze 108 Degrees on my nails and Cream Pink from Sinful Colors on my toes.
Now I don't have that much time time today, so I want to tag all my followers. You guys are what keeps me blogging! It's my last day in California with my dad and my brother so I want to spend the day with them. I'm going to Virginia tomorrow and wanted to tell you guys that I might be a little MIA. I have to go unpack boxes and get settled in my new house:) I will still do my nails and take pictures but I don't know if I'll have that much time to post. WISH ME LUCK!
Love Always,
Hannah J

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The awards go to......

Hey Ladies! I just got the news that ykhearts just gave me an awards and I'm so thrilled! Thanks so much:) Now on to the Rules!
The rules are:
01. Thank the person that gave you the awards, and link back to them.
02. Post seven things about yourself.
03. Pass the love to 15 bloggers.
04. Let them know they receive an award.
7 Things About Me:
1. I LOVE animals! Both my kitties I rescued myself:) I found my orange tabby in the back of an alley, his name is Haole.(It's Hawaiian means Foreigner) and Technically my other kitty Koa (Hawaiian for Warrior) adopted me:) He lived on my porch for about a week and finally I got him to trust me and come inside.
2. I have a beta fish that does tricks. No joke. He will give you a kiss, he can jump out of his bowl and hit your finger above water and he'll let you pet him:) His name is Speedy, my dad named him. lol
3. The last flavor of cupcakes I made were Lemon Blueberry and they were a hit!
4. In my spare time I tan at the pool, workout, play guitar and BLOG!
5. I don't own any Essie or Nubar polishes:(
6. I just started getting comfortable not wearing make-up everywhere. It's a huge step for me!
7. I look over 18 when wearing make-up, so I've been told! I'm actually 15.
I encourage all bloggers to do this! Everyone has a lovely blog according to me and  I think everyone deserves and award!
Thanks for reading!
Love Always,
Hannah J

Royal Navy

Hey Ladies! Today I'm using Royal Navy from Orly and Snow Me White from Sinful Colors. The Mani looks like this:

That's about it.
Now I want to tell you guys what I did yesterday.
It was SO much fun, if you guys know me well you'll know I'm a total adrenalin-junky!
here are some pictures:

This is 800 ft long and 300 ft up high!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Take Me Out To The Ball Game!

Hey Ladies! So if you read my last post, you would know that I went to a baseball game! It's was so much fun :) It was the Oakland Athletics (A's) and the Las Angels Angels. The manicure I did looked like this:

Left Hand

Right Hand
The Logos looks like this:

The A's won! WOOHOO!!!

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Love Always,
Hannah J

Sunday, July 17, 2011

A quick post!

Hey Ladies! Today's post is going to be rather quick, if you could see me now I'm typing like  a mad women! The manicure a quite simple, black base with a white design. Both colors come from Sinful Colors Black on Black and Snow me White. I used BM plate M-64, The manicure looks like this:

I tried some different hand poses for the pictures. What do you think?
Better? Worse?
How about the manicure?
Hit? Miss?
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Love Always,
Hannah J
P.S: Today I'm going to a major league baseball game! It's the A's vs. Angels! I also did my nail for it! It's the team logos and color, I should post about it either tonight or tomorrow morning:)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Secret Peri-winkle

Hey Ladies! Sorry my posts have been so late, I'm starting to get busier in the morning. Today's manicure is from China Glazes Secret Peri-winkle and Sinful Colors Black on Black. I also used BM plate M- 73.

Gorgeous lilac/ periwinkle!


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Love Always.
Hannah J

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Back to the Fuchsia

Hey Ladies! Today is Pink Wednesday and I am wearing Sally Hanson's Complete Salon Manicure Back to the Fuchsia! How cute is that name?! I also used BM plate M-64. The manicure came out to look like this:

 Sorry for the lighting! It is crappy outside and there is no sun:(

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Hannah J

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Hey Guys!
When I say "GO GREEN" I mean it!:)
Hot right?! lol
I could pass as Shrek's cousin:)
This is my first non-nail polish related post!
This is an avocado mask I made myself it's my own simple recipe!

To prepare you skin you need to:
-Wash it very well and open up your pores with warm water
-After you washed your face don't put on any moisturizer
- Put your hair up and out of the way

I used:

1 TBS of lemon juice

1 TBS of sugar

1/2 of an avocado. The mixture looks like this
-After it's all mixed together, refrigerate for about 15-20 minutes
-During this time you can take a shower and prepare you face for the mask

Spread that on your face and don't hold back!
You want to leave it o for about 20-25 minutes
Wash with warm water and apply moisturizer

My skin felt AH-MAZING! I really encourage everyone to do this, It made my skin feel so smooth, it got rid of redness, acne marks, made it super soft and hydrated!
This was such a success, I had some left over so I'm going to do it again later in the week:)
Tell me what you think down in the comments!
Love Always,
Hannah J

Camouflage In the lime Light

Hey guys! Today I'm using Rimmel's Camouflage, China Glaze's In the Lime Light and BM plate M-78. The manicure looks like this:
Artificial lighting




Sunlight, can't really see the design

BM plate M-78

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Hannah J

Monday, July 11, 2011

You Cheetah!

Hey guys! Today I used a color scheme of a peacock and the print of a cheetah. The manicure came out to look like this:
With flash

In sunlight

In shade

The polishes I used:
SC Love Nails, SH Pixie Pretty, Rimmel Camouflage, SC Black on Black

I used BM plate M-57

Do you like it?
How about my new background?
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Love Always,
Hannah J

P.S: I got the new background and pictures at Here! 
Polish AMOR gave me this web address and it's got alot of cute things. You should go check it out:)
(No one is paying me to say this)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

All Fired Up about flannels!

Hey guys! Today I'm using All Fired Up from Sally and BM plate M-64. The manicure looks like this:

I love this formula! It's a jelly finish and goes on super smoothly!

I used the deign on the left

It kinda looks like a red flannel right?
Sorry about the glare, I put Seche Vite on and it just makes it so SHINY:D
Hows your Sunday going?
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