Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Hey guys! The reason I say "Sally's" haul is because I went to Sally's and got a number of things. If you read my last post I wrote about my base coat and top coat that I love and never would change.... Well, I CHANGED IT!!! I was in Sally's and remembered that I was running out of both so I figured I'm was already in a beauty supply store, I might as well get them. These are the ones I got:
They are from left to right: Growth Spurt, Rebuild by Seche, and Seche Clear

I got this because I have been wanting my own natural long nails.
I actually got this for free! My cashier is the one I always get at sally's. Her name is Nancy, SHE'S THE BEST!
Then I got this top coat. I heard on YouTube that it's one of the best top coats there is! Except that I accidentally got a base coat instead of a top coat:( *TIP* always look under the bottle at the label or the bottle!

 Next I got some new China Glaze polishes that were on my polish wish list. I got "In the lime light" and "Secret perri-wink-le".

And last but not least,.... I got

It comes with 10 wheels with 18 nails on each wheel.

They look like this all pretty and polishes:) It comes in handy, trust me! You can practice nail art on it, do swatches and a lot more!

Well thanks for reading and I hope you guys are having a great day!
Love Always,
Hannah J


Hello:) I love reading your comments! It makes my day every time I see you guys have took time to read my blog! I try to comment back to all of your thoughts and questions. Hope your having a great day! Happy Polishing!
Love Always,
Hannah J