Saturday, July 2, 2011

Guess what came in the mail?!?....

Hey guys! A couple days ago I ordered Bundle Monsters stamping plated and they just for here!!! I didn't take any pictures of the package because I was so excited to get it open!

So once I got it open and I opened the little packages it came in I looked at it and didn't think that it come with a blue top where the designs are. I thought it was a weird that they were really scratches too. I was getting a little angry but I couldn't wait to try them out! So I put the polish on and scraped it off with my Sally's card and the polish wasn't getting into the engravings..... I thought I just scrapped it wrong so I tried it again and it still didn't work. I did this about 14 more times and was so pissed that I was going to sent it back to get my money back because I thought the were scratched and defective. My brother's girlfriend was with me and were pretty good friends now and she picked one up and was trying to help and I was on the verge of putting them back into the package when she goes "Hannah! I figured out your problem.... there is a blue safety cover stuck to the plate!" Boy did I feel STUPID!!!

So once we got done laughing about my blonde moment, we took off some more of the blue wrappers and took it out and IT WORKED! I was so excited and grateful that I didn't have to send it back because I really didn't want to cause I was so excited about them! But now they work perfectly fine:)

I can't post any pictures right now because the lighting sucks and I want to get the hang of the stamping before I post any pictures but I went to a party and everyone loved my nails! It was worth the price and you can use regular polish on it:) I'm really happy right now and still laugh when I think about my blonde moment:P

I'll try and post pictures tomorrow and show you guys my nails if I don't change them. My dad wants me to lay off the nail polish because he thinks I can get acetone poisoning because I the remover.... Have any of you heard about that? I researched it and it only says you can if you swallow or ingest it.
Has anyone tried to convince you that your addiction to nail polish is unhealthy?
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  1. hahahahaa!! that is such a blonde moment how funny!:D
    My one friend that is no longer my friend got into nails after me but not any where near how I paint them and what not, she kept saying that if it was made in china it was gonna kill you because of lead. whatever I think its fine. lol:)

  2. Yes, im a blonde and it shows:P


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