Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Miny Fresh!

Hey guys! Today I'm using Minted from Revlon with a design from the Bundle Monster Plates. The manicure looks like this:
2 Coats of Revlon's Minted

This is the design plate I used. M-63

I used Sinful Color's Black on Black for the design and Revlon's Minted for the background

Application: Amazing! It's smooth, and almost like a silky polish. The brush was great! Not to small but it wasn't really big either, it's a great polish!
Coats: 2
Top Coat? Yes, I used Seche Vite. Like always:)
Base Coat? Mhm! Seche Rebuild... Like always!

What do you guys think?
Do you guys have a nice minted polish? What is it?
Comment down below to bring sunshine to my day:)
Following is appreciated!
Love Always,
Hannah J


  1. you are really doing great with these plates good job :)

  2. Thank you:) They keep me busy!

  3. This is a great color on your skin tone. Really nice job with the printing too!

  4. I like these nails a lot! That image always reminds me of water marbling its cute!(:


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Love Always,
Hannah J