Sunday, July 17, 2011

A quick post!

Hey Ladies! Today's post is going to be rather quick, if you could see me now I'm typing like  a mad women! The manicure a quite simple, black base with a white design. Both colors come from Sinful Colors Black on Black and Snow me White. I used BM plate M-64, The manicure looks like this:

I tried some different hand poses for the pictures. What do you think?
Better? Worse?
How about the manicure?
Hit? Miss?
I love hearing from you in the comments!
Following is the nice thing to do:)
Love Always,
Hannah J
P.S: Today I'm going to a major league baseball game! It's the A's vs. Angels! I also did my nail for it! It's the team logos and color, I should post about it either tonight or tomorrow morning:)

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  1. Such a fun manicure!!!!! I love it!


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Hannah J