Friday, July 15, 2011

Secret Peri-winkle

Hey Ladies! Sorry my posts have been so late, I'm starting to get busier in the morning. Today's manicure is from China Glazes Secret Peri-winkle and Sinful Colors Black on Black. I also used BM plate M- 73.

Gorgeous lilac/ periwinkle!


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Hannah J


  1. really cute!! I am in love with that color today I went to Sallys and I picked it up and was about to buy it but I put it back im kinda wishing I bought it now!!(:

  2. You did it great! I love it! :)

  3. This is beautiful!!! The China Glaze is just great and the stamping is perfect!
    And I have the same m73 plate! It's just that...I think it's Konad, and not Bundle Monster, right?

  4. Paint the Nail- Thank you, I also love the color and i always grab a polish, put it back and later wish that i have it!
    Marina- Thanks!
    Cristina-*Hugging Back:)* well I get confused because some blogs say it konad and some say bundle monster. I ordered the bundle monster plates so I don't really know the diffrence:P As long as the work!

  5. Awesome manicure!

    Secret Peri-Wink-Le is one of my favorite polishes ever & I love the Konad design you chose.


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